Escape is a website of Tourism and Leisure from Impresa Group.
Contents: Guide to hotels, restaurants and cultural guides.

Escape regularly makes contests in which it offers accommodations in different kind of lodging: from 5 star hotels in major cities to rural tourism stays.
For Escape to deliver these prizes at the winner's address, they need a printed voucher.
What Escape did not want: Don't want just a printed paper, we want a voucher!


The voucher should represents a leak, an escape, a routine break, and the winner is entitled to a stay without distubs. Thus it assumes the shape of a 'Please do not disturb' sign. The voucher has been designed so that it alone is the envelope, cutting some production costs.

There are two distinct patterns that distinguish the two types of voucher, there is, the two types of lodging:
the voucher that offers a stay in 5 star hotels has a luxurious pattern that resembles a fancy wallpaper, whereas the voucher for rural tourism has a wood pattern.

On the inside, there are icons that easily explain the type of lodging, the number of people who can enjoy the offer and the number of nights to enjoy it.