I Quit | Recruitment Event | Shocking Advertising
I was the Head of Multimedia & IT Committee at Enactus Helwan University, where we started our season'16 with a recruitment event. But, a different one actually! It was my idea to follow a new concept that -I think- it isn't followed by any of the agencies or companies in Egypt and it is called 'Shocking Advertising'

-Shock advertising or ''Shockvertising'' is a type of advertising that "deliberately, rather than inadvertently, startles and offends its audience by violating norms for social values and personal ideals"

-The concept and the idea were mine, the implementation of the designs and content are created by the whole Multimedia&IT Committee members including me.

Let's start it with the event description: 
Most of us say we want to succeed, but we don’t want it as much as we want to have fun, to be cool or to hang out with friends. We don’t even want success as much as we want to sleep!

Fun is awesome, but if you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time being a QUITTER!
So we – Enactus Helwan University - used to come on the other side, we used to be Tough Enough! We used to get our special flavor of fun by creating a better life for people. 

The Anti-Quit Team of Enactus Helwan University is now recruiting and ready to receive more of those who think they can defeat the “I Quit” Mill.
We don’t promise you to find funny persons,
We don’t promise you to have a life full of outings,
We don’t promise you with a rose garden,
We only promise you a lifetime experience and knowledge you will never meet in any other system.
But if you want to have fun,
If you want to waste your time,
If you don’t intend to be fully committed with us,
Then take a step back, free some space for the tough people and say “I Quit”.

If you don’t want to be an “I Quit” person and would like to join us, follow the Event Posts to get more information about our robust committees.
"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. But, whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward" 

These were the words of Martin Luther King Jr. But, unfortunately, he was not aware that there will be a generation of quitters.

We know it, you've to admit it, even if you got accepted, you will quit! 
But, "I'm not a quitter" you said to yourself!
Well, PROVE IT! 

Because it's easier for us to throw a piece of paper on the ground rather than picking it up , we knew how easy for us to lose, give up, or quit on something.
#IQuit is simply a sad short story that all of us passed, passing, will pass by.

We promise you a shocking experience that you've never seen before, we promise to interpret the signs that happen in the minute we face something.


Then we started to reveal the glyphs(signs) that were in the blue cover photo above and we've done this in a story of 7 designs created in one album.
When a person quits, he may see it as the only option. But, actually it is the opportunity for the signs to reappear in his life and to make him realize what he's going to miss...


To stick to a plan and execute it in a strategic way that's a skill your will be lacking if you continued the road of quitting. 
Being a person of integrity, needs a straight forward person, who's willing to work even when no one's watching. You will reach development by not quitting.
Through the road back home, you'll realize how you used to express what's on your mind and how that seemed like an easy job. But, with each step you take in the road of quitting you'll struggle in expressing yourself.
The more you continue in the road of quitting, the less you will be connected to people, organizations or even the world. 
So stay connected and don't quit.

And when you work hard, your creativity flourish, when you put something in your mind you'll create a way to succeed. So, don't quit and create more.
You get hit by all those signs to remind you that being a part of this entity takes a lot of perseverance and courage. Don't be a part of the crowd of quitters and JOIN US!

Then we keep on illustrating those glyphs(signs) which were actually representing each committee in our team. They were posted as an album containing 5 designs each with one glyph and a committee job description as the content
As we promised before to interpret the signs that appear upon any thing we face and as you were wondering what are these shapes!
These are a wide-known symbols which called "Glyphs" each glyph is representing a word and each word of those is referring to one of our committees.
"Without strategy, execution is aimless" 
To make successful entrepreneurial projects that empower people economically, socially and environmentally, you need to have the strategic planning skill to plan for this projects perfectly. And that what project management members have.
A project management member is responsible for the execution of projects from A to Z as project management committee is the core of Enactus HU.

"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one's watching" that phrase describes the Human Resources Management member perfectly.

An HRM member is responsible for motivating the team members, holding the recruitment campaigns and interviews with all it's types.

The other sub-committee in HRM is R&D who provide us with all the needed training. Adding to this documenting every step and making researches about any idea suggested by the team members and responsible for the (KPI) for every committee .

If you are someone who's full of integrity JOIN US in the HRM committee 

Expressing what's on your mind with the right words may seem an easy job. But, doing this in front of a large crowd of people that's something that few people can master.

Yes, Maybe Public speaking is the number 1 fear in the world! But, that didn't stop our marvelous and fearless presentation committee members from expressing the impact that Enactus HU's team make in Both special and national competitions.
Their fluent English, their outstanding writing skills and also their unique voice tone have given them the ability to be the image of the team. 

So, if You think you have the ability to express yourself JOIN US!

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected"
-William Plomer

We can't live in this world alone right? That's why Connection is a crucial subject. 
The type of connection we're talking about is how us -students in our 20s- can connect to institutions that's thrice our age or even more. That's what an External Affairs member is capable of! 

Writing proposals, benefit packages, following up with those large organization are the specialties of a dedicated FR member. But, all that professional work didn't stop the FR member from making a Fun funding events.

And when we need media coverage to our funding event, only a PR member can provide us with one. That's because they have lots of connections that make them able to finish any needed approvals and representing Enactus HU's team .

Coordinating our events is the least of our problems because a CDR member connect someway to deliver us an organized well coordinated event. That's beside selecting suitable places for our events as well as providing materials for us such as printings or any materials that any of our project needs.

So, if you think that you know a way to connect the dots JOIN US in the external affairs committee.

We used to hear the phrase "creativity is intelligence having fun" 
But, the Multimedia & IT members have put this phrase into action.

Creativity is the eye of the beholder, and to a Photography & Filming sub-committee member, camera lens is their eyes that they used to provide us with all the unforgettable pictures and scenes.

And what's more creative that a person who's work on how to catch the attention of our eyes while scrolling down the social media? 
Creative sub-committee member is the person who works day and night to update the social media pages with a catchy designs and posts.

No day pass by unless we spend at least 7 hours using either our laptops or or mobile phones, That's why Developing sub committee member needs to be capable of handling a website or a mobile application and know how to provide technical support for them. 

And when you put your hands on your mouth trying to avoid the sleepiness that comes upon reading a boring content, a Social Media sub-committee member is trying his best to avoid the occurrence of that. That's why social media member is responsible for managing the social media channels and creating monthly plans, catchy and creative content for our social media.

And when we need someone to design any of our printings there's only one person we go to, and that's Publishing sub-committee member.

When we want to preview all the hard work that we been through, we preview it professionally, and that's what the existence of Data-Shows & Annual Reports sub-committee is for. To make a well presentable data shows for special and national competitions.

If you think you're creative enough then JOIN US in the Multimedia & IT committee.

And then, we started to really shock them!
We don’t promise you to find funny persons,
We don’t promise you to have a life full of outings,
We don’t promise you with a rose garden.

We are not going to kill you, we're gonna hurt you really, really bad!

You could be dead without even knowing, and that's by quitting on the things that used to make you feel alive.

The choice is yours, whether you suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion, or to quit taking risks and live the rest of your life as a surrender!

If you're not a quitter,
If you think you've got what it takes,
If you're able to act tough,

Some calls are killing.

We started calling the applicants who passed our filtration phase. 
So, pick up the phone, but when no one's watching!

And then, another negative advertising album containing the very opposite qualifications that we need
You’re not an extroverted person at all? You can’t find a difference between data and information? You find it hard for you to make decisions? You can’t plan anything even a hangout with your friends? You can’t research for a creative project idea that responds to people’s needs? You don’t care about applying economic and business concepts? You’re not a person who could take risks in any simple thing? Surrender is a word that you know too well? 

So, you’re the one to join our Project Management Committee!

For those who are too shy to stand in front of people to present something. Those who have problems with being fluent due to their non-familiar English accent. Individuals who lack self-confidence, having no vocabulary tank to use while talking, can’t express themselves well with body language. For those who can’t write a one single paragraph following professional presentation rules.

For those people, We need you to join our Presentation Committee!

Human Resources individuals who are satisfied with what they’ve learned, they’re disconnected of any other functions and are less likely to have the overall business strategy front-of-mind when making crucial business decisions. Those who don’t know how to deal with members, problems, or even managers! Who have nothing to do with building a spirit!

We don’t need him/her to be objective, enabling, discreet, flexible, organized, honest or even motivational.
We need a Destructive, Biased, Disorganized, Stubborn, Refusing and Unfair Human Resources Manager!

So, do you dare to be the one?

Someone who can’t make a fruitful research and can’t determine the customer or even the member needs. A static person who doesn’t believe in the power of development. Individual that can’t build a strategy to work on. 

We don’t need him\her to be a researcher. We don’t need a detail-oriented individual. We don’t need a developer, so if you are the person described in this paragraph, hurry up and join our Research and Development Subcommittee!

Here is for the non-Specific people, those whom Measurability for them is nothing important, who don’t think if what they’re thinking about is Attainable or not, individuals who are not being Relevant in anything they utter, those who are not fond of deadlines and neither appreciate time nor do anything with a Time-based plan. 

Who didn’t know that ‘S.M.A.R.T’ could have other meanings than being intelligent! 
We need you to be our fundraisers.

I can’t build brand awareness regarding my entity. I can’t express what my entity is really doing to give people information due to being inarticulate. I don’t even know the history of the organization I’m representing. I can’t finish any administrative or governmental papers. I’m too lazy to take action every day. 

Well, you’re needed to be one of our PRs! 

Coordination, decoration, and reception member who know nothing about being a coordinator! 
A lazy, bored, and unenthusiastic individual who barely leaves his place. Someone who knows nothing about decorating an event or being responsible for reception into that event!

We don’t need him/her to be organized, tactful, or even an observer. We need a disorganized, careless, and messy.

If you have got the mentioned criteria, Welcome to the QUITTERS Crowd!

Unimaginative? Don’t know anything about the word creativity except how to write it? Don’t accept any kind of criticism? Nothing could excite you to present it in a design? You can’t manage your time throughout a single day? You’re not a good communicator at all? You know nothing about the difference between Vector and Raster? You hate Photoshop and Illustrator? You can’t draw anything even a stick man? Are you a colors hater? 
Then you’re the one! We need graphic designers who don’t exist!

A copywriter who isn’t persuasive at all, an individual who doesn’t even have a bank of vocabulary to write a single paragraph. Someone who isn’t an observer at all. Someone who is writing in an incomprehensible language. Someone who hates searching, organizing, and writing generally. 
This someone is needed to be a copywriter in our team!

Don’t know that there are different languages than Arabic, English, Spanish, French… etc.? Don’t know something about C++, coding, JavaScript, HTML? Don’t know the difference between a web developer and a web designer? Wondering about how those mobile applications are made? 

If you’re an IT ignorant, we need you to join our Development team!

You have a camera, but you don’t even care to know how to use it! You see no features of a professional camera except it captures photos in a good quality and neat look? Lighting has nothing to do with the quality of a photo, isn’t it? You see no difference between capturing an image while standing, sitting, or been lying in your bed? When someone mentions creativity and relates it to photography your reply is “Come on, there is no creativity in capturing some people or even an object”!

Then, we need you to be one of our photographers who have nothing to do except playing with some fancy, expensive, and heavy cameras who they called professional cameras!

You’ve the ability to create some FRUITLESS campaigns? You can't work under pressure, and you’re totally inactive? You can’t be responsible for a fan page? You find Facebook Insights as algorithms which can’t be understood? You can’t reach a creative idea to work on? You lack expressive words that could be used to attract fans? 

So, you’ve a chance to join our social media team!

I Quit | Recruitment Event | Shocking Advertising

I Quit | Recruitment Event | Shocking Advertising

Shocking Advertising Recruitment Campaign for Enactus Helwan University in Egypt