Graduation project by Maher Ayazera
Multi function cultural center
this is my graduation project . this project was made by me and it is a concept for multi function cultural center the site is from damascus

exterior is precomposing to real site. the building is made by adding objects without destroying anything . the side or school that I've focused on is organic design and green design . ex: green area and it is wide area , the sunroof , and south side of the building that I prefered in whole to be mad by Pv cells in that composing .

Interior area was relocated in different way , unlike the reality . I kept the hall on its on but I improved it . there is many sides in this center . I prefered to choose activites that I like to do and what syrian youth want to do. I signed every zone in this center with my touch ,my imagination and with making a big differences between those zones . I have focused on coloring with lights .
hope you like it