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    Nivana Turismo Ltda. Re-Branding // Christiano Vellutini
corporate re-branding project

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nivana turismo ltda.

For the company's 25th anniversary, the main objective was to renew the graphic communication that had been used since 1986. The idea was to make the visual more modern and up to date, but not forgetting the traditional design that generated a huge broadness of clients, many of whom have been longtime costumers. Also with the new identity, the mission was to create a unity between all the corporate material created by the company, either external or internal, so the new visual would be more appealing and sophisticated.

The textures used in the new brand identity for Nivana are Nautical Charts. These visual elements where chosen to be used in this project because the business is a tourism agency focused on surf trips. These nautical maps send the message to its clients that Nivana is the company that knows where the waves are, and you can trust them to send you to the best surf spots in the world on your vacation.