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Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, an arts and culture radio program with over a half-million listeners across the US, (produced by PRI and WNYC Radio) recently approached BMD to participate in a series of segments they call “Redesigns.”

For the last several years Studio 360 has been producing a series of segments where they look at one big idea, take its ubiquitous but arguably imperfect or outmoded designs and put new options on the table. For the next redesign -- at the suggestion of a listener in Saskatoon, Studio 360 is redesigning Canada. More specifically they’d like to fix the image problem Canada has in the US.

As part of this process they enlisted BMD to rethink how Canada appears in the world, creating a new identity for the 21st century, free of the traditional cliches.

The reveal of the redesign will air on Studio 360 at the end of June, so stay tuned! In the meantime, Iisten to the first interview with Host Kurt Andersen and Hunter Tura, President & CEO of BMD here:

Also, check out what some Americans know about Canada. Not much!