The Nile Company was founded in 1942, and is the first handmade encaustic tile factory in Egypt and the Middle East

Rebranding the Nile Co.
The logo reflects the unique essence of classic Egyptian logos created in the early 20th century. We used simple iconic ancient Egyptian design elements like the zigzag water symbol and the lotus flower to represent the Nile. The logo incorporates a subtle Art Deco design aesthetics, a fitting tribute to the era of the company’s founding in the early 1940s, which itself drew heavily on ancient Egyptian motifs.

The project was feature in Dubai Design Week and in Beirut design week. The new brand image disrupted the local market significantly and as a result it increased the company's brand equity and successfully repositioned The Nile Co. as Egypt's leading cement tile manufacturer.

Every tile takes from 3 to 4 minutes to be produced before being cured in water bath and then polished.