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    This brand is jouetie called which is domestic brand for Ladies' clothes.
This is a project for a unique brand of street fashions mixed with rock, monotone, and girly styles. The brand directors are twin sisters who are also active as models and DJs and extremely popular among younger generations in Japan. In the interior design, emphasis is placed on originality not found elsewhere. So it is intended to be a boutique with a style of its own which is, at the same time, approachable with a functional layout.

From the very beginning of the brand, the interior of jouetie has been characterized by a pure white space with steel posts and flying buttresses, which is sprinkled with street-style graphics. In the present project, however, the directors requested a "pink shop". Making most of what we have designed so far, we have pursued a higher level of perfection as an even more sophisticated flagship shop.
To this end, antique-finished white brick tiles on the walls and the floor have been replaced by more particular ones with the same finish but of an original pink, which are in sharper contrast with the white posts and flying buttresses. For extra originality as a special shop, countless shelves have been installed in the show window facing the outer wall to express the brand's world and many TV displays have been piled up on one of the walls. These designs convey the brand's messages and produce synergistic effect to realize more artistic and stylish interior. Combined with excellent products, service, and promotion, the refinement in design also contributes to good sales.



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