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    Some of the work I've been up to during the holidays...
Intern-ship at Sycum Solutions
In the beginning...
Sycum Solutions is my home. It's where am growing up. Here I got my first big break to design actual projects from conceptualization, to meet with clients and assist in sit supervision as I watch them come to life.

None of the ones I designed from concept are complete yet, but I'll be sure to get the pictures when they are. Otherwise, this is how their design concepts looked like...
The following two projects have drastically changed since their inception. The clients kept the general building layouts in plan but the elevations and styles changed to a whole new thing completely. What's sad is I was already working on another project so they were handed over to someone else to do the changes. but that's how it is in an architectural office, right?

And the guys who made the changes really did a good job, maybe they'll be kind enough to share the renders and complete project pics.
 This project's brief was to design four small town houses on a really small plot and have a lot of freed up open space. The houses were to be less than 170 square metres of total plinth area (they're actually 162.13 square metres) including the D.S.Q.

The client is getting ready to take the project to site as it is in it's conceptual design.
 The most particular clients I had ever met...

This project taught me a lot about patience and how to deal with clients. They changed their minds everyday and about what they thought was smallest detail, not understanding that once you change one thing it affects so many others.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed working on their houses. They're really huge by the standards of what am used to: 464.2 square metres total plinth area. This was the initial concept...
 ... until the clients settled on a new style and the concept changed to the following renders.

Well, the project is now on site and construction is on going. Even so, the clients keep deciding to change and add a few other things to the building design. I hear they're driving the contractor crazy. Now that am back at work, can't wait to see what has become of the actual buildings.