The Quiet Folk
a collaboration of Zoey Burger Photography, Lyra Bloom and Under The Root
The title comes from a moment in the day when we decided to whisk away the bugs, and then suddenly realize we are forced to listen with stillness like the one which comes in the breathe of lucid dreaming.  The quiet is ever so caught between what we want and what we wish, objects we need and the right time for taking the lead.

The Quiet Folk are a gentle and peaceable tribe if left undisturbed.  Because they have lived for so many thousands of years in the depths of the earth, they know the hiding places of all ores and precious stones.  They give gifts in staggering generosity to their favourites.  They know the healing properties of all plants and stones and are so skillful in their application that they are never sick.  They have been known to throw temper tantrums upon hearing the sounds of church bells, drums or farm machinery, and become violent if the Church is even mentioned.  A home for them is under houses, barns and hill mounds, and occasionally in caves.. strictly subterranean elves.