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The Anti Cabaret Cabaret Poster
The Anti Cabaret Cabaret was a show set up to benefit, which is a nonprofit (obviously) that helps students in need with various projects.  The show featured some well known actors doing cabaret style performances to show of their non-acting chops.  I have added the build in the manner it was assembled so that you can see how I got from points A to Z.  Ask me anything you'd like to know...
fig.1) I started off with the branding of the show, which I built in Illustrator.  I was influenced by the poster for the rerelease of the Liza Minnelli movie Cabaret.
fig.2) I then warped and shaped my copy and for the 3D effect, I build a second layer in Illustrator to extrude the shadow. Until I can finish learning Cinema4D, this is the easiest way.
fig.3) The last thing I do is bring the layered Illustrator piece into PhotoShop as a smart object and use a lot of gradients to create the highlights and give "The Anti" that golden metallic look.
 fig.4) For the background, I first cut out the foreground layer of the image I purchased from iStock and then box blurred the whole thing.
fig.5) I then cut on my front curtain layer, enlarged it and added in some shadows to create a feeling of depth.
fig.6) I think added in a old Microphone that I purchased from iStock. This was not the microphone I was originally looking for, but I think it worked out okay and was easy to clip.
fig.7) I did an internet search for flames that I wanted to wrap around my microphone.  I wanted it to have a sense that it was on fire, but not burning.  The flames are actually layered over the microphone and then masked.
fig.8) Finally I added little details in, darkened the top of the microphone to give it a sense of being hotter than the rest of it, put some orange highlight into the copy and just played around more with placement and shadow.  I also brightened my spot light in the background and put it behind my microphone as it seemed to make the microphone too bright.