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    Redesign of the Chococurb logo: a subscription service for premium chocolate.

This is a redesign I proposed of the Chococurb logo. The original has a crown as an allusion to the premium chocolate used in this subscription service. The following was designed on an 11 hour flight from San Francisco to Shanghai.
As usual I started sketching ideas in my notebook.
I streamlined the crown and seal then substituted a clip art crown and tiara.
Next I devised the light hearted splash of liquid chocolate for a crown.
When thinking of 'curbs' I tried fire hydrants...
'Curb' also inspired this version with a road's double yellow lines.
I took some clip art to create a few more ideas.
I call this the Coco Chanel concept route.
I used a cocoa bean as a heart for the love of chocolate.
I used a stork as a metaphor for the delivery of the bespoke boxes.
Thinking I needed to do a version with chocolate I did a study of browns.