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    You cant be fate nor reality although we wish as much in times of animosity
The first concept was inspired by what i hear alot that men are heartless but i was trying to illustrate was that a man with a heavy heart or like people say men have a heart of stone well even that stone feels emotions and pain especially love but even a stone can be broken.

The second concept was more drawing towards the honest and transparent people who are beautiful even beyond the flesh and are very sincere towards a relationship and harbour the right intentions but in the end they get betrayed for something or someone that only looks beautiful but isn't beautiful like a poison that tastes so sweet that it could kill even most noblest of characteristics which in conclusion brings out the worst in someone with a sharper and nastier edge, to illustrate that shattered glass was used as glass is beautiful when its a a whole but when shattered into pieces its not as easily approachable as before.