P M A G N U M  -  5 : 1 7 

Art Direction & Graphics for PMagnum new album titled "5:17" - Chapter 5 - Verse 17 - .
From the front and back covers, to the inside panels and the CD we wanted this to be a graphic experience for the viewer. After listening to the album, I had some interest on playing with concepts and aesthetics from the Bible: the artist writes about actions / concepts related to it. The cover graphic blends some passages described on the Bible, separating heaven from hell with colours, but both of them are placed inside the artist's portrait: 

Message: we all have good and bad behaviours / actions / thoughts

1.- The left (blue) belongs to the Great Flood mentioned on the Book of Genesis. It is also the side where the artist is looking, trying to abandon his past and working for a better future. 
2.- The right (red) belongs to many biblical passages where the sky turns red and Chariots of Fire appears in the sky. Didn’t want to fantasise too much, but I considered interesting using a praying photo in contrast with one looking directly to the viewer with a saturated red: a transition between sides.
Album available on every platform. 
I recommend to listen / buy the music on the artist's Bandcamp:

Original photos by Josh Alvarez @imthejam