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    This was created for my computer illustration class. It is a poster for the spider apocalypse.
Apocalypse Poster
by way of spiders
This is for the hand lettered gig poster in computer illustration. We could chose any subject matter and the event did not need to exist. Thus why I was able to chose the spider apocalypse.
Made  in illustrator.
The 50 thumbnails before starting on the final idea. Was very close to going with a 'children of the corn' theme. All roughly 2x3.
The final text I decided to go with. The right in pencil before scanning it into illustrator. the right is after the text was vectored.
The mysterious man spider sir. First in pencil then with color. I am thinking of going back in to ad some rim lighting.
The (current) final design for the poster. I still have intentions of adding light to the figure and lightening the text. But for now, this is the final copy.