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  • MAGAZINE SPREAD: D&AD photography brief on RANKIN 2012
    Sentiments are a great source for fascination. Also the art of human expression is an interesting subject to capture in a shoot. Expressions are complex experiences in an individual and by observing these it allowed us to capture different stories, depth and meaning in a picture.
    With our pictures we would like to demonstrate where and how humans express their sadness, disappointment, depression and discouragement. The project intends to portray human sentiment in its purest form by caputuring facial expressions and depth in the picture itself as alsoin a mental sense.
    We executed a lifestyle fashion shoot in a slightly different way, showing the vulnerable side that people often try to hide inside their own four walls. We have designed and chosen six different locations and models to express these sentiments, we used red and blue lighting in the background to show the discrepancy between a person’s strongand weak side.
    The emotions that people feel on a regular basis are kept hidden inside their hearts. Through the photos these emotions are left naked for the world to see. We can observe the facial expressions and body language which gives an indication of the sentiment that a person is feeling.The pictures are telling stories of pain which we can relate to ourselves for we are all human and we share the same sentiments within us.

    Photographer / Retoucher: David HK Tan, Thomas Bran
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