HabiTECH 2010 
Design Build for Habitat for Humanity..... Senior Design Project
In 2010, the Louisiana Tech chapter of Habitat for Humanity constructed the Archie Residence as part of the senior design/build project.  I was one out of 20 students to participate in this project.  From the design phase to the construction of this project the team endured many obstacles and difficult decisions to make, but overall gained a huge learning experience.  This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house is 1100 sq. ft, consisting of a full sized kitchen, dinning, and living room.
In charge of building the model, i decided to CNC router to mill the site contours.  The rest of the model was b of bass wood.  The intricate pieces were cut using a laser cutter.
Notice the sliding trellis on the side of the house. 
 This is about midway through the construction phased.  The house is completely framed up, roof is dried in and shingled, and the exterior walls are sheathed and waterproofed. 
This is a sketch and render of a mock up trellis.  We originally planned on milling the address into the trellis with the CNC router, but decided not to because  we would have to add a forth sliding panel which would decrease the size of all of them as a whole, ultimately decreasing the scale of the numbers.  It would have been a lot of effort with very little reward if the numbers didn't compliment the panels. 
If you can look closely, you may be able to see the milled zero in the half scale mock up on the left.  To the right is the finished product of the trellis and matching shutters.   
Finished Product 
I managed the interior finishes and fine tuning, from hanging drywall to painting and trimmings.  We decide to do something really cool while hanging the drywall.  We hung reveals on the edges where the walls met the ceilings to give the illusion that the ceilings were floating.