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    Decavision - The Font/The Icon Poster. Limited Edition of 100.
Decavision • The Font & The Icon Po
Limited Edition of 100 (50 of each) 50x70cm Posters.

Decavision Font designed by Håkan Johansson. A font inspired by Division Of Laura Lee's icon which was created by Shelby Cinca. The icon itself was made in 2004 during the layout of Division Of Laura Lees Das Not Compute album and is inspired by early floppy disccopy-protection and Japanese fighting robot decals.

In 2008, Håkan Johansson, picked up where the icon left off during the layout of Violence Is Timeless (the 3rd album by Division Of Laura Lee) andcreated a corresponding font-family for use on the album cover. The font focuses on simple shapes and the copy-protection tab detail tocreate a pleasing futurist display font.
Photos by David Fransson