RYZ x KDU Sungod
A bit about the RYZ x KDU World Paradigm Collection...
With shared efforts in promoting and connecting established andemerging creative talent, it was inevitable that we would collaboratewith the world's largest creative collective - the Keystone DesignUnion. With over 700 members in more than 60 countries worldwide, ourmassive collaboration is a vibrant showcase of diverse styles andcultural backgrounds. RYZ and KDU are proud to present the WorldParadigm Collection.

A bit about my contribution...
“Solar deities and sun worship can be found throughout most of recordedhistory in various forms. This illustration, my interpretation of a SunGod, was to place emphasis on the concept of ‘worship.’ With theseshoes " worship the ground you walk on.”

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RYZ x KDU Sungod