Tlingit Potlatch
I was invited to Whitehorse Yukon to attend a historical Tlingit Potlatch - the raising of the Tagish Dakl’aweidi clan house, destroyed by the Anglican church more than 100 years ago. For the occasion, 9 clan leaders from Alaska joined the ceremony, something not seen in several hundreds of years. More than 4 generations of Tlingit were present for the event. This Potlatch represents the pinnacle of their culture's return. The full story will be written soon and published.

As for the photography, since their regalia featured strong colors, I decided to create a more "old fashion" look, desaturated, a bit dark overall. I think it works well. The photos were processed through Lightroom, using the paint tool to brighten the subjects. Saturation, Vibrance and Highlights have been brought down while the Clarity increased. Photoshop was not used.