SOLE 10 is a Learning Management System that is primarily used at West Virginia University's Health Sciences Center. The design of the new SOLE began 18 months ago and we have been in development for the last 8 months. We wrote/edited 1.8 million lines of code and have roughly 2400 hours of time devoted to it since early November. We had two programmers and one developer(myself) on the project.

The primary use of SOLE is course and content management for the students and professors at WVU. Within SOLE you can view and sort your courses, access course materials, chat within your classes and leave notes that are content specific. You also can access exams, surveys and grades for each of your classes. SOLE also gives its students the ability to download audio and video versions of lectures captured with Camtasia Relay which allows them to listen and watch the classes they missed from their home computer, smartphone, or tablet. Outside of the core features users can also select various themes of SOLE, add Classified Ads to our SOLE marketplace, and enable various widgets which range from social media sites, to news and RSS feeds, as well as weather, bookmarks, and course specific links. We also use SOLE as the core login process to access external applications we develop that benefit not only the university but the state of West Virginia. There are numerous other features within SOLE but the core use of the application is to deliver and produce course materials to each of the students, graduate students, professors, and dedicated staff at the WVU Health Sciences Center.

SOLE was developed using ASP.NET MVC3/4, HTML 5, CSS 3, and a various mix of hand written and library based Jquery extensions. The application runs on desktops and tablets, and we are currently working on shoring up the smartphone side of things as that will be a much richer experiences along the lines of accessing core materials and course information.