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Redesign Proposal
Redesign of Marlborough Trading
(Excerpt from proposal pitch email)

there are some (entirley fixable) flaws in your current web presence, which are:

marlboroughtrading.com is still up and running, although you are operating under the domain name
marlboroughtrading.co.uk, which in turn is actually the edward james oak website.
... messy.

the marlboroughtrading.com contact phone number doesn't work, so the site should be taken down,
or the number changed to the edward james phone number. a better option would be to setup
a redirection for marlboroughtrading.com, which auto-routes users to the edward james oak site.

a small piece of messaging on edward james oak explaining that you also operate(d) under the name
marlboroughtrading.com/co.uk would help orientate users, and preempt any doubts the users
might pickup from the sitename/companyname mismatch.

in terms of SEM (Search Engine Managment), Google penalizes sites that don't "make sense", and
by not setting up a redirection for marlboroughtrading.com, you are also squandering that potential

why not use edwardjamesoak.co.uk as the domain? would solve a load of the above issues.
then, all traffic to marlboroughtrading.com/co.uk could be routed to edwardjamesoak.co.uk...

the domain edwardjamesoak.co.uk is registered to (I assume) you - its reg'd to an N22 address -


Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 111211331)

Registrant's address:
196 High Road
N22 8HH
United Kingdom

if there is an issue using the above domain name, then a variant is available -

I appreciate you are experiencing growth regardless, but think it could be misguided
to ignore the details that the above issues raise ...

if I can be of service in the above, or any other digital-related aspect, then please
do get in touch.