AAS Magazine is a monthly magazine for moslem kids, which has 2 series; for kindergarden school and primary school.

Client Info:
+ Name: Anita Rahman
+ Occupation: Account Manager
+ Corporate: Aku Anak Saleh Magazine
+ Socmed: facebook.com/akuanaksaleh

Detail Project:
These are the illustrated form of commercial page that I handled through Aku Anak Saleh Magz. And in this case, the client is Vidoran Xmart. 
Vidorant Xmart doesn't have any mascot. So in this game page I used Nadia and Mum from Aku Anak Saleh's characters. This illustration would be a page in primary school edition.
Design vidoran Xmart - 1
After Revision 1
After Revision 1 (Alternative)
Final Design
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