This is a commission mae by the the practicioner Hannah Reade, for her acupuncture clinic. The icon of the logo is made using repetition of two shades of needles shaping a circle. The  second "N" for Hannah is inverted to create a mirrow effect.
The Creative Cooking Society wanted a logo that represented in one image the  name of the society. The bulp depicts the creativity and the ideas and the fork represents food and cooking. They wanted a simple black logo to use it on any colour.
Trellis is a garden therapy charity that networks all the organizations that use horticulture to improve health. They wanted me to improve their old logo and create one new and fresh but keeping the idea of the plant being supported by a trellis. The colour green represents nature and blue is known and used to represent health.
Trellis celebrated its 10 aniversary this year and they commissioned me to do a version of the logo for this ocasion. I used grey for the "10" because the logo is already very bright and vibrant, to balance.
MA is a brand of contemporany jewellery, Mar (the artist) wanted me to design a very simple logo using geometry and synthesis. This is the result and the final logo.