Nylon Mag
Redesign of the magazine
I’ve been studying Nylon Magazine for two years. I was never told by my instructors to study the magazine, but I was told you should know every detail about a company you would want to work for. I studied Nylon as if it was part of my homework. I would note on the main pages, such as; the layout of the table of contents to the main interview. I think that Nylon is brilliant, clever and very personalized for it’s readers. I study every big section of every issue, dated back to October 2009. Within months after starting this monthly cycle, I learned more about the layout design and when a redesign of the magazine is done. I tend to go back and study past issues over again, to figure out if I missed something. Studying Nylon has caused me to find out what is used every month design wise. The icons they use for every section, what they use physically. Why photographs are placed a certian way .The cut outs of a photograph, which causes the type or paragraphs a certian way. I figured out what page has to have what and what is only at times used. What design elements Nylon changes or don’t ever change. I’ve managed to understand the design concept like the back of my hand. Nylon is the most personalized magazine for their readers and it’s choice of topics easily attract upcoming readers. I would like to work for Nylon someday in the future. I respect Nylon and will continue to learn from it. Models: Monica Camacho, Betsy Elena Duenas, Ashley Sky, Angel Cervantes and Paul Rodriguez Jr.

Layout design, art direction, apparel design and photography by Nataly Sanchez.