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    harman / kardon headphones. Live in style
harman / kardon headgear
The tailor-made suit
While concepting the new headphones for harman / kardon, it just struck us. 

None of the things I wear are adjusted to fit, when I wish to use them. I don't have a size 39-47 shoe, I don't have to adjust my shades, but I did have to adjust my headphones.

Headphones is a personal thing. They are mine. I don't loan them to others. They just have to fit me.

We created two different size headbands (S,L). Through a beautiful mechanism, the headband can be exchanged easily after first use. Place the beauty on your head, and enjoy the sound.

Normal headphones have challenging folding mechanisms that weaken the construction of the headphone. The mechanism that allows the headband to be exchanged, allows the headphone to be folded flat. Most other things in my bag are flat, not undefined bundle of cable, metal and plastic.

So the harman / kardon headphones fold extremely flat to fit into any bag.

To enhance the longevity of the product cables are exchangeable. 

Designit is proud to have worked so closely with mechanical, electronically and acoustic engineers to have made this beauty of a headphone. Hope you enjoy it.

The headphone comes in two versions:
CL on ear closed back 
BT over ear, closed back, high quality Bluetooth wireless

Can be bought at apple.com