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    How to order Custom statue of your dog.Custom bronze dog statues, dog bronze portraits and dog mascots for private and corporate clients. Bronze … Read More
    How to order Custom statue of your dog.Custom bronze dog statues, dog bronze portraits and dog mascots for private and corporate clients. Bronze statues of different dog breeds, from desk top size to life-size and larger than life.Custom bronze pet sculpture.Full size bronze dog statues and personalized dog sculptures are most popular. We also create canine grave statues and dog busts Read Less
Custom Made Bronze Dog Statues and Bronze Dog Portraits 
Dog Sculpture Commissions, Life-size Dog Statues,  Dog Memorials, Military Dog Statues,
Bosco the Dog Mayor of Sunol
 I love sculpting dogs...I have created bronze portrait of Dachshund, Portuguese Water Dog, German Shepherd,  English Setter, Maltese and numerous mixed  breeds. Full size bronze dog statues and desk top bronze dogs...

Some of my dog portraits depict  distinguished dogs, like Bosco the Dog Mayor of Sunol or Monty the therapy dog from Buffalo, NY. Watch a Fox News story about my statue of Monty.
(If the video does not appear right away on the Fox news page, please reload the page.)
Scroll down to see photos of Monty bronze and its dedication
I like meeting my "models" in person, but it is not necessary. Most of the time I work from photographs and videos.
The statues of your dog can be done in any scale, from desk top to a life-size and larger.
I guarantee the likeness. The composition will be skillfully designed to reflect the essence and character of your special dog.
  Your own statue ideas, questions and inquiries are welcome.
How to order a custom bronze dog portrait statue:  
Call Young Fine Art Studio  801-359-2451 or email me for a free quote 
 Tigo, a Portuguese Water Dog. Larger than life bronze portrait. Sunol, CA . There is a nice article in Pleasanton Weekly about Tigo and his statue unveiling.
              Portuguese Water Dog Tigo's pretty face up close and personal
 Max the Pug. A life-size bronze portrait. Private commission.
 Max the Pug's favorite pose.
 Life-size bronze portrait of Bosco, a Dog Mayor. Bosco,a Black Labrador and Rottweiler mix, defeated two humans to win the election as Mayor of Sunol, CA in 1981
 "Roadside America" story mentions Bosco statue as one of the sightseeing landmarks of Sunol .
Life-size portrait of Hercules, a gentle giant. He was once described as "the world's most perfect dog" for his kindness and disposition. Private commission.
  Little Frederic the Dachshund. Desk top size portrait bronze. Private commission.
 Bulldog mascot. Twice life-size bronze. Lynn English HS, Lynn, Massachusetts.

To order your own unique dog bronze portrait statue please call Young Fine Art Studio 801-359-2451 or e-mail me for a free quote.
Lampo the Traveling Dog. This statue based on a  book by Elvio Barlettiani. The true story of a mongrel who arrived in an Italian town on a freight train and from then on centered his life on the railroad, riding the commuter trains, being fed by diner cooks, and taking longer and longer train trips from which he always returned.
Here's a video taken at my studio. I tell Lampo story and even speak a little Italian :)
Watch KSL TV News story about Lampo statue and other dog portraits at my studio.
Bronze statue of Monty the Therapy Dog was unveiled on July 17, 2012. As far as I know it is the first large bronze monument depicting a therapy dog.
The statue is mounted on a beautiful black granite pedestal - a classic combination.
Real therapy dogs were curious about the statue, and one by one approached it, saying "hello"
Watch Fox 13 News story about Monty statue dedication.
Here is the whole group of Roswell Park therapy dogs, different breeds, different sizes. One giant loving heart. :)
How to order a custom bronze statue or bronze portrait of your dog:
Call Young Fine Art Studio (801)359-2451 or email me for a free quote