LiveWellNKY - It All Starts With YOU Marketing Campaign
After it was revealed that Kentucky ranked 47th out of 50 states in overall health, it was critical for parent organization, Skyward, to promote healthy behaviors in order to create a foundation for Northern Kentucky’s future growth and vitality. LiveWell NKY was formed to provide Northern Kentucky with a common vision for a culture of good health, designating local residents, organizations and communities as “LiveWell” ambassadors by achieving health goals in exercise, nutrition, and smoking cessation. Individuals can also “take the pledge” to become LiveWell NKY ambassadors and use the provided tools, resources and support to change behavior and lead healthier lifestyles.
In the early stages of the initiative, recruit and excite community leaders about attending an educational meeting meant to influence them to become a Coalition Chairperson for their region in order to carry through LiveWell NKY main areas of focus.
Create the impression that by participating in the LiveWell NKY mission, you could be a part of something BIG! Make guests understand that they were handpicked to truly make a difference in the movement towards better health in the region. Raise excitement at the event and launch LiveWell NKY as a MOVEMENT – not just another awareness group that would eventually fall off the radar. Provide a memorable experience for guests so that they can gain and spread knowledge by actually participating themselves.

BEFORE the event - Save the Dates were initially emailed to the selected invitees from the President of LiveWell NKY, to announce the date of the event, begin brand recognition and add value to the idea that the invitees were VIPs. As a second touch point, we designed and crafted a custom Tervis brand Tumbler (high quality drink ware) that was branded with the Live well logo. This customized gift was carefully arranged in an individualized package and included a personalized invitation to the main event with a hand written note that further defined their role in the program’s success. Each of the packages was hand delivered and presented to the invitees, where they were also encouraged in person to attend the event.
AT the event -  Branded signage and décor including banners, table centerpieces, balloons, flowers, etc. were used to create a cheerful, exclusive atmosphere where the guests could begin to establish the affiliation they had with LiveWell NKY. Continued personalization with branded lanyards, nametags, custom Tervis tumblers and a special gift for attendees – a branded moleskin leather notebook. Swag bags were given to all attendees that included their names and branded gifts from event sponsors as well as a bundle of local food products that related the health perspective that would get the program rolling.

AFTER the event - Distributed press releases touting the success of the event leading to editorial copy for LiveWell NKY and it’s Parent program, Skyward, in two publications and a complimentary article on FUSIONWRX efforts for LiveWell NKY in Cincy Magazine. Follow up with attendees by sending personalized thank you notes that provided additional LiveWell NKY collateral materials to help them build upon their enthusiasm to spread the word about the program and continue brand recognition.
Because of the hype surrounding the events, the LiveWell NKY initiative was well received and highly attended by all invitees. Events were held at The Brighton Center, a local leader of family support services, education, employment and leadership & Griffin Elite Sports & Wellness Center, a full service fitness facility serving individuals and groups of all ages and areas of athletic performance and total wellness. During the events, guests were given the opportunity to commit their time and effort to the LiveWell NKY cause after learning more about their predicted duties and accepted the challenge of becoming coalition chairpersons for LiveWell NKY.

Press releases of the event lead to four additional media placements. These local placements have piqued interest, receiving inquiries for information about the uniqueness and current successes of Skyward and the LiveWell NKY inititiave, which could potentially lead to National coverage. Highlighting the event in the NKY Thrives digital monthly newsletter has helped to create a ripple effect of continuous media identification, further increasing recognition in the community and intriguing potential future LiveWell NKY ambassadors.
FUSIONWRX was humbled to be selected by Skyward as the Skyward Salutes Award Winner, which is new to the Northern Kentucky Chamber Annual Dinner in 2016. This award recognizes an individual or organization committed to the successful execution of the myNKYplan.

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FUSIONWRX was also awarded 2 Bronze Bulldog Reporter Not-For-Profit Awards for 2016 ( for Best New Member/Volunteer Campaign and Best Campaign Under $10,000 Budget.
LiveWell NKY provides a common framework, necessary support and inspiration for all of us to join together in the movement towards better health.  LiveWell NKY will provide technical assistance throughout the change process, including web-based technology, customized marketing and sector specific health education to communities, workplaces, schools and faith-based organizations. Organizations are awarded bronze/silver/gold status based on their implementation of policies and environmental changes that drive improved health.  Individuals can also “take the pledge” to become LiveWell ambassadors and find the tools, resources and support to change behavior and lead healthier lifestyles.
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LiveWellNKY - It All Starts With YOU Marketing Campaign

LiveWellNKY - It All Starts With YOU Marketing Campaign

FUSIONWRX set out to create a marketing campaign with multiple touch points that would result in lively, cheerful, personalized interactions mean Read More