A self-initiative project.
We are as mayflies. Life is too short for anything else,and too long to be doing something meaningless. As such results, we should treasure everything and have a full recognition ourselves, spend our time on things that actually matter to us. We are not meant to do things that they are always been done. We should follow our own paths and this will lead us to the greatness and create a better world to live in.
Logo is a combination of letter 'm' and 'f' and designed to imitate the shape of Mayfly.
Mayfly is an organization which is promoting positive and passionate attitudes and it is supported by Ministry Community Youth and Sports (MCYS). This campaign is designed to encourage people to discover and develop their innate abilities and passions in their career paths. 
The reason of using these figures is meant to inspire audiences that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Besides, it requires audiences to rethink about:‘What if a world without them, without those people who had been so passionate about their life. What would the world be?’

If you were passionate with your life, especially in your career life, it will literally make a better society, a better world to live in. Take a chance, make a change.
Eachitem will be given with a card, a postcard, and it is meant for audience tospread this message to his/her friends. Thedesign of the postcard to be like an autograph, and it is trying to said that,ordinary people can do extraordinary thing, every great thing is always startfrom a small little step.
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Wong Sockying