Tulleceria is an online accessories store created in July 2016 focused mainly in games, music and movies items.

It all began back in 2012 when I found a company, Vitrinepix, that printed your design into a shirt and in exchange you get a small comission.
It was something meant to be fun since I never intended to make it my main money source and at the same time I would get a chance to see my

shirt designs actually been worn by someone.
After some sales throughout the years, I would get a lot of recognition and sales by May 2016 with the Overwatch collection being released
almost at the same day of the game. It was really crazy to sell something around 15 shirts per day for more than two weeks.
Genji, McCree and D.va, the most sold items of the Overwatch collection between May-June.
Suddenly in June 2016 I received an e-mail from Vitrinepix saying that the store would close and end all it's functions
by the end of July. So I got my money and started to look for a website that could provide the same kind of service.

Finding no success in this search I eventually got the contact of a shirt producer here in the same city that I live,
so we worked the things out and decided to open the new store by the end of July.

Tulleceria was the name I came up with, it is variation of "Tullece", my nickname around the internet and a joke about
one of the best alternative shirt selling stores here in Brazil, Camiseteria.

But the point was never to "battle" against Camiseteria or Chico Rei or any famous shirt store around here.
The idea of Tulleceria is to sell more underground themed shirts, focused mainly in typography.
The whole aesthetic behind the name and slogan "That's some good shirt right there" was a joke regarding
this kind of memes, something that I particularly find very funny and flexible to work with.
The name and slogan was already decided, now we needed to came up with the brand essentials colors.
I decided to work with some different colors from the usual found at this kind of store, so I came up with the purple/yellow combination.
The idea was to have a memorable color palette and remarkable brand assets.
The fonts used in the logo creation process was the beautiful Hipster Script Pro, a font with a wide range of glyphs.
The font used mainly in titles and big headlines was SN Neo Noire, an awesome brush font that can work in any title.
The last but not least was Novecento, a well rounded all caps sans serif font that would be used in smaller titles and texts.
The whole thing about the OK Hand Sign logo is that is an emoji with a good rate of acceptance since it is funny and, along with Tears Of Joy,
one of the most famous emoji right now. I used it also because here in Brazil this sign actually means something like "F*ck Off", so the point
was to draw even more attention with it (I'm not telling you to F*ck Off btw!)
A photograph of a Hanzo shirt, the most sold item of Tulleceria.
The facebook page was intended to have a wide range of subjects besides the shirts and the prices.
I wanted to have more involviment with the regular user and also showing other interest stuffs like tips for albums and games,
and also to submit photos of the consumers wearing Tulleceria items.
This is a project that I really put big effort and I'm loving how things are turning out.
Thanks for checking this out, you can take a look at the store and the facebook page in the following links:


Online accessories brazilian store branding.