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A-Ring Concept - TV Interface

A-Ring Concept  - TV Interface

In 2008-09 FA Design was involved in a big international project to design a whole Interface for a new Fiber-Optic Television service. Many concepts were designed and presented to the client. All of them had an interesting process and presentation. I wanted to rescue and show some of those concepts which were not selected in the first round.

One concept was called A-Ring. The idea was to design the main navigation system, how will that work and look.

The A-Ring system is based on a Core and 3 concentric Rings. The Core represents the whole content of the system and the Rings work as filters that help you finding the content you want. The Ring 1 represent the Launch Pad and is the closest element to the Core. The Ring 3 is the
furthest element to the Core and shows the content.

Two main phases haven been shown here:

1- The Graphs: a series of graphs created to explain the mechanics of the system.

2- Look & Feel: the visual aspect of the system including some sequences for its future animation.
The Graphs
Look & Feel
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A-Ring Concept - TV Interface

A-Ring Concept - TV Interface

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