A Mind of Gold

Often very early in life, we encounter labels. We are told we’re ‘sportsmen’ or ‘writers’ or ‘intelligent’ and those labels resonate in our minds throughout the rest of our lives.

But there is odium associated with certain labels, for example, ‘dyslexia’. Even though dyslexia is not necessarily associated with retardation, the public mind brands it as a disability. That kind of label begins at home and the parents’ attitude can make or break the child.

The book, ‘A Mind of Gold’ is designed for parents with kids diagnosed with dyslexia. While dealing with sensitive and information heavy content, the book has a light, informal and colourful tone. It brands dyslexia as a boon and guides parents to ‘un-hide’ the genius within their child. The aim of the book is to let parents know why they should, and how they can, own up to their child’s dyslexia proudly.


The book has three major parts.

1 – An illustrated story of a kid with dyslexia. It is to give an entry point to the parents into the book, so that they can begin to position themselves in the entire situation.

2 – The story then connects to information about the brain and ends with dyslexia being equated to genius.

3 – The last part is a ten-step program through which parents can begin to un-hide their child’s genius.

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Thank you for viewing. I sincerely hope that as a society we would soon start celebrating differences, dyslexia in particular. 
And all that kids will ever hear would be, "Anything is possible"!

A Mind of Gold