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    creative ways of coloring prints a work on progress
A m a r a n th i n e
I was inspired from my anthotype experiments to  invent this one:) I was amazed of the great colorful juices profited from the plants, fruits and veggies.So i decided to use them for handcoloring of some of my  altprocess prints.
I was inspired by the result and will try more in the future.
Meanwhile i`ll let you with the passionate world of colors :)
geranium flower petals used for coloring.they were hand squeezed and mixed with some drops of alcohol.
cyanotype print, hand colored with geranium petals on the right and geranium + arugula leaves on the left.
another presentation for it:)
selenium toned liquid emulsion print handcolored with geranium petals
that`s all for the moment folks:)to be continued ...