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    An ambient idea used to highlight the VW's new 360 area view, which comes standard on all VW Toureg's.
How we highlighted VW's amazing bird-eye view 4-way camera to unsuspecting car owners.
The Challenge
90% of shoppers looking for a new luxury SUV will purchase a VW Toureg, only after they've test driven one. This is due to the great amount of extras they get at the standard price. We decided to highlight the awesome features of the car. One of these features, doesn't exist on any competitor model is the 4-sided area view. 

The Solution
So, our VW brand ambassador's took to the streets and began taking over competitor vehicles with rearview cameras on them and highlighted VW's 4-sided area view, which comes standard on the new VW Toureg.  

The Results
The Volkwagen call centre was flooded with inquiries and phone calls the week of the stunt and ultimately, doubled our test drive bookings for that month.
Casestudy video
360 degree bird's-eye view technology in a VW.