Gilde Christmas Aquavit is the original and the market leader for seasonal type of Aquavit specially made for Christmas. This year is number 28 of and the premium is number 6 of a serial production where each year has its own specially made blend. But an increase of competitors has made Gilde Aquavit in a negative direction of loosing market share previous years.

Challenge: The strategy for this year Design was to activate the Brand among consumers with a higher awareness in the choice of product based on quality and payment readiness. This years solution emerges with a more contemporarily expression and communicates more quality based on crafts than previous design. The goal was to make a design worthy the original blend. But although this product is seasonal based the Aquavit is for sale all year around. This sets a challenge of solution that the designs should not use the traditional cliché as decorative elements, but rather make a feel of christmas and solemn.

Solution: The visual solution stands out in the crowd with the use of simplified «modern» richness.  The use of elements and details expressing a subtil elegance that qualifies the product in to a solemn table independent of occasion. 

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