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Identity for Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter

The city of Düsseldorf has one of the biggest Japanese communities in Europe. Little Tokyo, the Japanese quarter with its countless restaurants, supermarkets and shops, is the vibrant center of the city’s Japanese cultural life. The goal of this project was to create an identity that would give the district a strong and independent voice.

By mixing traditional elements of Japanese culture such as the maneki-neko (welcoming cat) or the onigiri (rice balls) with typical Rhineland icons like the Altbier (old beer) or Flönz (blood sausage), the identity reflects the unique cultural fusion that is so characteristic of the district. Used with a palette of bold colors and strong typographic elements, it becomes playful yet respectful of heritage and culture. In that way it speaks as much of the city as it does about the Japanese community.

We are super happy about the awards we received for this self initiated project and all the positive publicity:  

Awards –
AGCA Adobe Creative Government Awards Nominee
German Design Award Winner 2018

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Identity for Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter

Identity for Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter

Development of a bold and colorful identity for Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter to reflect its uniqueness and give the district a strong and indepe Read More