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    Miniature caralogue for the Bigchild Creatives collections
00. The briefing
Bigchild Creatives needed a catalogue to showcase their miniature collection, so they could send it to potential clients and have around during events.

The first version was going to feature only Black Sailors, but I had to make the whole catalogue according to the Bigchild Creatives brand so it could encompass other miniature lines in the future (as it ended up being the case with Storm Coast Marauders).
The approach I’ve been looking for with Bigchild Creatives is:
· Mixture of childlike/rough with adult/clean elements: we’re great at what we do and we appreciate nice things, but we don’t like to look too serious.
· Passion for what we do: we believe our products are amazing and we just want to transmit how much we love them ourselves.
· Distinction from the rest of the miniature market through adopting some other more serious design conventions from other markets and making fun with them.

Also, the catalogue had to work both on screen and on print, so it had to be a horizontal layout that could be folded by half.
01. Research and inspiration
This time around my mind was set: I just went straight to Esquire. We had so many character portraits of characters that we wanted to make famous that it just made sense to think “if all of those celebrities deserve to be in the cover of a magazine, why shouldn’t the captain of the Black Sailors too?” Also, it looks recognizable enough to make a joke out of imitating it and the format clearly sells magazines for them, so it should be good enough to drag attention towards us.
The interior pages were a whole different deal. Among the sector, the catalogues I liked the most were from the now extinct Rackam which used to make wonderful work, but their system just wouldn’t work for us because their product was a lot different really: they had many more miniatures and they were much smaller, intended to be sold in bands for playing. Ours, at least for now, are singles intended to be sold independenly out of appreciation for detail. Also, I wanted to feature the Bigchild green while still featuring the brand of the different miniature lines.
So this kind of layout looked a lot better to me. With this bold blocks of color I could make the whole thing look Bigchildish while at the same time maintain clear distinctions between lines.
02. Design
The covers are simple and effective as expected: big portrait featuring the amazing Adrián Prado’s art and just some previews of what to expect inside.
The first page has some pretty basic presentation of who is Bigchild Creatives and an interactive index so you can go straight to the product you want. In the end I put some news about what’s coming. All pretty simple, magazine-like interiors.
At the beginning of each collection I put a little explanation presenting the brand, the particular line of the collection (Black Sailors: Characters, Black Sailors: Busts and so on), a bit of lore, a bit of selling and a little preview. Then we go in with the miniatures themselves.
I dedicate every two pages to every single miniature, just so each detail can be appreciated. While the base layout is always the same, the background is different for each collection. All the work put into every miniature is displayed and has its space, and all the artists who worked on it are propperly credited.
Thank you!

I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, please do write me at Hey@IAmTheLion.com