JAD Parenting Brochure
Illustrations for the Jamaica Association for the Deaf
Starting in summer 2011, and ending in early 2012, I was a part of a three-person illustration and design team charged with developing a parenting brochure for the Jamaican Association for the Deaf. Presented to parents/guardians of newly-diagnosed hearing-impaired children, the brochure aims to calm the fears of adults while educating them on the best ways to help their child/ward feel a part of society.  Part of JAD's message is to stress the importance of early intervention for the child, in terms of introducing them to various helpful therapies and communication modes as early as possible. The parents' own education regarding communication techniques and skills, as well as utilizing support groups, is also stressed.

I illustrated the images. while Alyssa Williams was responsible for the digital colouring and effects. The art director and chief designer was David Soutar.
Community involvement is one of the major tenets highlighted in the brochure.
Parents learn that their daughter is deaf. A kind professional answers their questions, and directs them to necessary resources for communicating with, teaching, and raising their differently-abled child.
Parent Support and Education
Parent/Child Interactions
Child's Education and Social Development.