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    TournEvent: Crown Jewels is a slot game for the popular TournEvent series at Everi.
TournEvent: Crown Jewels
My Contributions: Minor Animations, Particle Effects, Illustration.

TournEvent is a popular product at Everi where players compete against one another in slot machine tournaments. In these tournaments they're competing for points instead of money, but these often lead to big cash prizes for the winners and large, sometimes nationwide, events put on by casinos. The games used in these slot tournaments are often simplified or edited versions of our popular games. This was one such project where I took the successful title 'Crown Jewels' and edited its symbols for a TournEvent version! What you see here is a mixture of my edits, additions, and what was previously made by another artist.

From the classic Crown Jewels I used a lot of the original intricate gem illustrations but freshened them up with new color and some bigger changes like turning the heart into a necklace and creating the new font treatment for the 7, double 7, and Wild.
This smaller project was a fun one. Having a lot of assets already made for me made things quicker of course but there was still a solid challenge in making sure what I did create new would still fit with the original aesthetics. I've always loved having limits like that on a project to keep things interesting!

Images property of Everi.  TournEvent and Crown Jewels are registered trademarks of Everi.