Creative Director /
Guillermo Urmeneta F.
Art Director / André Meiggs
Design / Rubén Álvarez / Luiggy Carré
Brand Executive / Luz García /Jennifer Gilabert / Roxana Melgarejo
👙 Concept & insight
 "Coco Beach"

Accordingly, we have planned a study of basic market, finding a wide range of graphics to propose lines in this document will detail the development of the most important applying to each proposal a future application development to external media and stationery.

Logo development purposes applies minimalist with classist and fine details to enhance the great qualities the future of the brand.

It noted that each of them meets trend and cyclical parameters on the presentation of a logo that can have living in a macro environment of advertising.

👙 Color Palette
For the development of our logo we developed a palette of special colors for our customer.
Based on our study on the conceptualization of the brand.

Cococolors ®
Basic colors and strengthen support which later presentations.
👙 Proposal Concept
We present the most successful Association of fashion and trend applied to the product concept, our last proposal goes a positioning and coexistence in broad advertising environments and which can be included in further development of the brand while maintaining a smart and attractive structure for public and target group women consuming the product and want to identify with the brand.

👙 Concept
We apply textual support decreases as already mentioned at the beginning of this documentation and likewise seeks a very careful and implementation ample visual aesthetics.

👙  Coco Fonts 

In this incredible journey, we had the pleasure of working with 3 special fonts. Trying to impregnate communication and brand style. Coco Fonts applies class design and fashion. Trends and absolute vanguard.
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Coco Beach ®

Coco Beach ®

El siguiente proyecto plantea el desarollo gráfico de la casa creativa LSO Fuego para nuestro cliente "Coco Beach"


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