Smoothies - a very beneficial, but also, equally importantly, delicious and natural drink. Today is gaining popularity various sports. Smoothies is part of the diet of people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Besmoo brand name already speaks for itself: be one with the drink, become the same as the smoothies - stylish, bright and natural. Energy immuno-stimulant to uplift your mood, which also contains vitamins ... You are looking for all these components? You found them - besmoo.
Choose your besmoo for today:
- To recuperate after a workout;
- For the protection of health and immunity;
- to set the mood;
- A charge of vitamins.

And yes, the drink is contraindicated in individuals who do not believe in the power of vitamins.

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Radmir Volk  - naming, branding & packaging design      
Patrick Dorfer - UI/UX, web design & product design

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