Musical Chairs 爭 凳 仔
Musical Chairs爭   凳   仔
 A Short Story About Survival
This animation is based on a familiar game -- Musical Chairs. The main character in this animation represents the human race. The human, in his selfish ways, discovers that he can't bear the consequences of his own actions. This animation is also trying to depict a society in which people constantly want to get more and more to fulfill their insatiable desires. Maybe the humans win, but perhaps they lose something of greater importance.
Design of the Characters  There are 8 characters in the animation. And they have different patterns on themselves. 
Design of the Weapons  
There are also some weapons which were used by HUMAN for killing the animals.
Design of the Atmosphere
This is the poster of our animation.
Final Result
Here are the screenshot of the animation.
Based on the animation, we made some figures and related products.