Pureé handmade spa
Final Year Project (Diploma)
We always use shampoo, body wash, face mask, body lotion, etc, because we need it everyday. Sometime we like it because the smell are very nice, the packaging are cute, and they promise a lot of benefits. Are they true? Have you ever think that a lot of body product out there are very dangerous for our skin. We usually buy a bodycare like shampoo, body wash, etc in supermarket and actually we don’t know what the ingredients in that bodycare. Do you ever read the ingredient of your own shampoo or shop at home? Do you know what inside there? If in the packaging stated using honey as a natural product, can we guarantee that’s the real honey or just an artificial? The facts is, there is a lot of bodycare product are using chemical inside it, which is not good for our body sometimes its cause cancer and other diseases.

The concept of this project is about making a brand new spa using totally pure natural homemade product without chemicals, preservative, animal testing, etc. This spa will be sell the service on doing facial, massage, salon, etc which is make people relax and can feel the fresh natural and the benefit of our products. We provide one staff for every one customer. We will check your problem and make the homemade mixture best to your problem of your body. We also sell our products for customer bring home and do by them self.
A graphic of Leaf are simple, yet powerful, graphical elements, and this Leaf reinforce our key attributes as a symbol of the ingredient that our spa use all base on natural ingredients and anything that related with naturalism.

Our brand name is in Century Gothic typeface. With no gratuitous or nametation, this typeface is strong yet friendly, self assured yet down to earth.
And the descriptor use Homemade apple typeface its a handwritting typeface to represent all services and products that we use are handmade by human hand.
MENU - using wood as material for the cover