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    My first product design project, involving problem identification and functional improvement of a potato peeler.
Vegetable Peeler
My very first product design  project
The objective was to study a simple household product and improve it functionally.

I chose to work on a peeler since i frequently use one myself.
Forefinger is significant in applying pressure on the peeler blade. The thumb rests on the vegetable and the forefinger along with the blade mover towards it.
Observation/ Problem Identification: The forefinger ends up being placed beyond the handle, on the serrated edge of the blade. This happens so that force is applied by the forefinger directly over the blade.
Concept sketches
Blade or cutting edge may be tilted for shearability.
Final Concept
1. Forefinger support
2. Blade tilted for shearability
3. Can be turned around for left handed usage
1.1 Prototype developed for testing.
Form Development
Form development for the concept