Clinic of aesthetic medicine and weight reduction Apecsmed.

The previous version of the site Apecsmed was uncomfortable and ugly. The user could not find what he was looking for, we couldn’t show and prompt the user what we have in our catalog of services. Responsiveness of site was minimal and, most often, the users simply leaved the site without gеetting an answer to theirs question, without finding a service, in which they were interested. We assumed drastic measures and decided to keep only the most necessary in site, maximally simplify the interaction between users and the site, we added to the site more responsiveness and convenience.

Clean, functional, minimalistic. Maximum focus on the services and image of the company.
Widgets were created for ease of reference of the site services recommended information. On each page are placed only those widgets that can be useful to users . If the user is on a page of some service, he will be recommended to read a blog with a similar theme. Also, thanks to widgets, the user can be informed about some special offer or a great deal, ask a question, which is interesting for him, and get to know about other services of Apecsmed clinics.
PROJECT — Lebedev Studio
ART DIRECTOR — Alexander Lebedev
WEB, UI/UX, VISUAL DESIGN — Klyavlin Iliya