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    Photographs made in London on an iPhone 4S, and edited with the Snapseed app.
Eerie quiet in central London
I was in central London this week for a portfolio meeting, and finding that I had some free time on my hands I grabbed a coffee and went for a wander.

It was the fourth and final day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and despite the enormous crowds, some areas remained unusually deserted, mainly due to the security and road closures in place. 

I found the resulting mix of such beautiful, powerful and historic architecture, combined with the eerie quiet, quite irresistible.

I was armed with one camera, my phone camera, so unusually for me these images were made on an iPhone 4S, and processed through Nik Soft’s mobile Snapseed app while on the train home.

Anyone wishing to follow my iPhone antics can find me on Instagram, I'm 'julian_calverley'