This has been one of Junta's most challenging projects! 
We were invited by Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal (TPNP) to produce a comprehensive web series, covering the region's most attractive segments, the Junta Team put the "hands to work" and prepared a creative and distinctive approach to this project.
Our main goal was to focus on Sensory Digital Marketing and "Experience Video", so that the impact is maximized and that the videos are kept as much as possible on the "top of mind" of regional, national and international public.
Different approaches were prepared: "Walking Tour", "Theme Experience", “Natural Beauty” and “Strategic Products”.
The aim of this project was the promotion of the region, it’s character, people, culture, amazing natural sets, diverse environments and also the Tourism Board’s strategic products. 
Fact: The consumer is moved by sensations! Tourism products, being the kind of products on which the consumers invest their savings on, are the ones where sensations must be promoted, in order for a region to gain special advantage comparing to others. Tourists prepare their journey for a long time! They seek, compare, invest ... and then enjoy!
The sensory perceptions are unique to each of us, as well as the memories and experiences. These perceptions cause strong stimulation on the consumer.
Digital Marketing, making use of digital tools and content such as video, allows a sensorial approach. The appearance of a product presents it to the consumer. If you add movement, sound and something that the consumer is identified with, it will be directly linked with sensations, and these will have a strong impact on the perception and especially the message retention.
To carry out this project, Junta focused the attention on eight areas: experience, identity, curiosity, comfort, safety, quality of life, tradition, lifestyle, hospitality, uniqueness.
Hope you enjoy it... and come and visit!
Year: 2015
The "Walking Tour" Approach
A creative approach to tourism in the region, based on a tourist’s journey around the region. 
In this video, viewers are taken on a journey through the region, on a continuous action providing great dynamism and character to the video. 
Continuity of action aims to hold the audience's attention, sharpening curiosity and identification with the depicted places that can be seen, even if only at a glance, all in one video.
The "Theme Experience" Approach
An approach to an experience-based journey, in a web series format. 
Our intention was to foster curiosity, arousing different sensations on a 1st person approach. 
This video campaign was focused on the tourist’s experience through three different perspectives:
"Food, Wine and the 4 Elements"
"Experience the Seasons"
"9 Reasons to visit Port and the North of Portugal"

"Food, Wine and the 4 Elements"

An “Experience Tour” is the central theme and main approach for this campaign. 
The whole "web series" was based on the experience of a tourist on his journey through Porto and the North of Portugal. 
On this trip, the tourist experiences a little of all the sensations the region has to offer.
A journey through the gastronomy and wines of the region, where the "tourist" tries out various dishes, snacks, delicacies and wines. 
The main focus is on the region’s traditional food and exquisite wines and the sensations they cause.
The Air, the wind and all the “space” that offers us a perspective of experimentation. 
The wide landscapes, nature and adventure tourism.
The "fire" as a catalyst and "movement" in action approach and more cosmopolitan and lively with concerts, festivals, nightlife. 
Here, the "tourist" is brought to the busiest environments and targeted to a younger audience and seeks not only the region but also the "fire" that it offers.
The "tourist" is led to experience the sea, the rivers, the lakes, the waterfalls and all the water-related attractions the region has to offer. 
Water sports are also on focus in this video, leading the tourist to experience surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, rafting, cannyoning and other water-related activities.
The Earth and what it offers us. 
In this "episode", the "tourist" is taken by the region, showing a little of each type of landscape, culture, forest and plantation.
"Experience the Seasons"
According to this perspective campaign were carried out 4 different videos: 
"Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter".
With this campaign, we intend to portray the region and the different environments and sensations that features throughout the year, showing the diversity of the region depending on the time of year it is visited.

"9 Reasons to visit Porto and the North of Portugal"
According to this strategic products campaign, 9 different videos were made!

7 Strategic Products:
"Business Tourism"
 "City & Short Breaks"
 "Food and Wine"
 "Nature Tourism"
 "Religious Tourism"
 "Cultural Touring, Landscape and World Heritage"
 "Health and Wellness Tourism "

2 Complementary Products:

The audience is taken to 9 different types of reasons to visit the region!
These were more conventional videos, but strongly appealing to the segment they target.
For each of these 7 strategic and 2 complementary products,  the "tourist" is taken to see different sensations and landscapes, different local and regional products, different types of restaurants and hotels, a journey through the culture and diversity of the region.