An identity to live up to.
It’s not every day that you get a client that challenges you to go above and beyond yourself. 
Dutch web-company Infocaster challenged us to design them an identity 'to live up to'.
We accepted that challenge with both hands.

Our role in the project:
• Concept, strategy, identity and campaign design.

Part one: 
Re-branding Infocaster

"If you’re going to design someone a new identity, 
you better have a crystal-clear idea of who they want to be."

We really wanted to get to know the people of Infocaster and that is why we first conducted an immersion process; interviewing a range of people from the founding partners to developers and designers across the team. This is how we found out what was at the heart of the company and what core values the new brand should be built on. We then looked for a strong graphic shape to perfectly translate those values into the visual realm.

The chosen shape both pays respect to the old logo of Infocaster and casually refers to the <brackets> used in code, fitting the core-business of the company well: 
“Let’s make the internet brighter.”
Because Infocaster is a team of positive-minded people that offer their intelligence to make the world a better place by delivering great web-based products, this slogan matched them perfectly.

Part two: 
Visual identity development

Based on the foundation that we had forged in the re-branding phase, we gave shape to all kinds of deliverables for the office environment of the company. 
office essentials
digital presentation guidelines
social media graphics
Office signing
Part three: 
Brand activation

The client asked us to not only design them an identity, but also deliver graphics that could be used for brand activation. They loved what we did for our FLOW project, so we further explored what a similar design-method could do for them.

Both the client and we fell in love with the idea that the logo should ‘be brought to life’. So we did exactly that: We've recreated the logo out of different materials to communicate short stories about Infocaster’s three main departments, being: developmentsocial and design.
check out the making-of
Set 1: Laser-like precision, with lightspeed.
The highest precision is necessary for developing good software. That’s why we used light in it's strongest form (a semi-legal red laser) in combination with clever mirror positioning to recreate the Infocaster-logo for this photo and videoshoot:
Cool detail: Laser is of course light, which matches the slogan ‘let’s make the internet brighter’ pretty well.
example of campaign artwork in public space context

Set 2: Connecting and setting in motion
Online is all about people and communication. It's about connecting and setting your target audience in motion. That's why domino felt like a simple, colorful and positive visual metaphor for this set.
Cool detail: We have built the logo using about 3500 bricks in about 5 hours. The suspense was intense.
example of campaign artwork in advertisement context

Set 3: Creating something, from nothing
Infocaster is creative, they develop apps and websites from scratch to final product. That's why for this third set we had decided to use paint as an abstract reference to art, design and creation.
Cool detail: Yes the hands were painted too - we strictly used yellow, pink, black and white in all of the videos.
example of campaign artwork in public space context
We hope you like the project! Let's stay in touch!