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    Branding project for Storm Coast Marauders: a miniature football team of pirate orcs by Bigchild Creatives
00. The briefing
Bigchild Creatives started a new collection, which was going to depict the very same orc pirates as Black Sailors, but in a smaller scale, playing football, so people could play some matches with them. They needed a new brand for them, but it had to remind people of Black Sailors because it had been such a big hit.

This happened to be a pretty quick job because since I had been working with them for a while, we had much advanced work.
01. Research and inspiration
I went through many real and fictional sports team logos. The goal was simple: this time around, I just wanted mine to feel like it belongs among those.
02. Naming
I really wanted it to feel like an actual sports team, so it had to be Storm Coast [Something], because Storm Coast is where the orcs are from according to their lore. Calling them something too simmilar to Black Sailors would have been confusing, so we went through many aggressive options like cannonballs, raiders, jawbreakers or bonekrushers until we decided to go with Marauders, which would describe both their playstyle and their day job. Also, it looked great in Black Sailors brand’s typography:
03. Logo
Back when I was designing Black Sailors, I went through a sketch that I thought looked great,  but was just too modern to keep on developing on it. Now was the time to do it.
The original skull was allright, but I needed it to look a lot more blunt. Also, the red was fitting because it looks a lot more aggressive… and because some of the miniatures were already being painted in red and white.
After some tests we ended up with a much bigger jaw, some thicker lines around it and a three point hat so it looks orkish and pirate and at the same time modern and sportslike.
When displaying the miniatures, I try to go for the ominous/active look of putting them on the field…
...but, again, that’s another story.
Thank you!

I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, please do write me at Hey@IAmTheLion.com