Cocoon Pendant Light
Cocoon Pendant Light
MacMaster Design
     The c0coon pendant Light is an open structure pendant consisting of eight beautiful laminated timber leaves. The expressive form gives view to a warm globe that graduates ambient light into the inner veneers of the structure revealing a magnificent contrast between the inner and outer surfaces.
Designed with sustainability in mind, the pendant lights have been manufactured from thin, ultra durable timber laminations which minises the ecological footprint whilst creating an uncompromising elegance. It is constructed from flat packable leaves and can be quickly assembled using the small fittings provided.
Modern Handmade lighting and furniture. Made in England, Great Britain
Contemporary handmade wooden ceiling lighting by MacMaster. Made in England, United Kingdom
elegant handcrafted timber based pendant and celing lighting and furniture. Made in England, United Kingdom
Handmade wooden pendant lighting by MacMaster. Made inEngland, United Kingdom
Cocoon Pendant Light