Boxed - Modular Wardrobe.
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    Realised garments of the final project.
Moving away from the cult of fast fashion and into an era of longevity and use.  Launching for Autumn/ Winter 12/13 Boxed seeks to supply for the consumer who is interested in a garments entire life, and now just the moment for which they have it.  Seeking inspiration from the design ethos' and way of life in Scandinavia, Boxed will be sharing their ideas of creating a balance and 'give take' relationship with nature.  This idea is something that has heavily influenced much of the modern architecture in the region, and similarly will be interpreted to create a balance between the wearer, the garment and the environments he encounters daily.  

Leaving fast fashion behind and moving towards a desire for longevity, Boxed sees no need in creating garments for the sake of trend or fad.  Each piece has been designed with a requirement to last and fulfil it's purpose.  The entire collection has been thought out to seamlessly cover every area of the wearer life, and take them through their daily motions.  Modular in a sense, as each piece can be added to, taken away from or adjusted depending of the need and purpose.